[OZAPRS] Sydney NW repeater

Gerard Hill vk2io at amsat.org
Sun Nov 15 11:17:52 EST 2009

Geoff wrote:
> After checking with the ARNSW guys, the digipeater that was previously set
> up at Dural turned out to be a 'rougue', operating the station call from
> home without approval, and has been shut down.

No doubt a zealous experimenter.

> However, I have contacted Mark VK2XOF about the possibility of getting a
> properly configured FILL-IN digipeater into Dural, at least for a short-term
> test to see how it goes.  Mark did seem to still be open to the idea of
> assisting us with APRS coverage if it is approached in the correct way :)

Sounds positive! Anything more than a fill-in digi would not be 
compatible with the existing packet services that are provided at Dural. 
This includes a packet system on 145.100 MHz which was moved from 
144.850 due to local QRM. If the APRS test proves successful, relocating 
the packet service towards the 144.700 edge of the packet segment may 
need to be considered to improve the mutual isolation of the systems. 
During the test itself, I doubt that it will be an issue because of the 
low utilisation of the transmitters involved.

> Will let you know what eventuates....
> Regards,
> Geoff VK2XJG

Cheers ... Gerard, VK2IO

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> The north-west part of Sydney is currently poorly served by APRS 
> digipeaters on 2m. This is the area known as The Hills District and the 
> area north towards Windsor and Richmond. You can imagine the terrain as 
> its not called the Hills for nothing.
> When driving along the ridges, its possible to make it into the 
> Illawarra repeater 100km to the south or the Sydney CBD repeater 30km to 
> the south east. Sometimes its possible to get into the Asquith local 
> digi 12km east or even the one on the northern beaches 25km east, though 
> terrain does not favour these as there is a ridge in between that runs 
> north-south.
> Dropping down towards the valleys, coverage deteriorates quickly and it 
> doesn't take long to fall out of range of all repeaters. A local digi is 
> sorely needed to help APRS coverage in Sydney's north-west.
> Recently there was a WICEN exercise and a temporary repeater (VK2RWK-1) 
> was set up off the national frequency at Kurrajong Heights, 50km NW of 
> the area. This definitely improved coverage, especially on the western 
> edge, but it is too far away to be considered "local". And 
> unfortunately, its not permanent or even on the right frequency.
> There may be a possibility of siting a fill-in repeater at Dural which 
> is likely to be one of the best spots to cover the difficult terrain in 
> the area. This would obviously require clearance from the WIA. The 
> equipment is available as we saw earlier in the week though it seems 
> some tweaking of timing and other parameters would be needed.
> Another thing that's needed is some assistance and encouragement. I 
> think those willing to put in the effort to set up a fill-in digi for 
> Sydney north-west should be applauded for their initiative.
> Cheers ... Gerard, VK2IO
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