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In the apparent absence of a reference station, I have my 20m Igate on 
14105.1 (according to my TS430) and I use 1600/1800Hz tones.

Would somebody like to confirm if this is the preferred frequency, and 
if it isn't, what should I use. I chose the frequency based on the 
one-time existence of a vk6 on that frequency. It has been previously 
been suggested that we should consider the more-international 20m 
frequency (which I can't find right now, but it's not too far away from 
where I currently sit). The use of an international frequency would 
overcome one of David's gripes about 20m - not enough stations.

BTW, Robert, my dipole is at 45' and looks favourably towards ZL.

Let's debate the 20m frequency issue and come up with a standard.

Ray vk2tv

Robert Thirkettle wrote:
> Hi David if we have a ZL 20M HF Gateway that hole is filled in. In ZL we
> have a propagation issue if 40M is unworkable that is what we have at
> present then no ZL HF solution will work that's why we then only have a
> via VK option. 
> I used mobile 40M APRS in 2001 for a trip around the lower south Island
> it worked well for paths over 200Km but that time was much closer to the
> top of the sun spot cycle than now yesterday Gareth was struggling to
> make a 600Km path work.
> If VK and ZL want to make use of each others HF gateways then we need to
> use a frequency that works 7MHz only works at dawn and dusk 10MHz also
> only works for 1 or 2 more hours than 7MHz but 14MHz will work for most
> of the daylight hours as well as giving a east coast VK to west coast VK
> path.
> I also do agree that a mix of 40M 30M and 20M gate ways will give the
> greatest coverage.
> I am working tonight to get my gateway up and going again. 
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> Ray is correct. My push or 40m (not just for me) is because standard  
> calls can't use 30m. 30m is ideal for the desert trips, but  
> unfortunately I and other standard calls can't use it.
> What I am suggesting is that my observations and predictions show 20m  
> though better for data, does not provide coverage. The skip (dead)  
> zone covers most of Australia at most times of day from Central  
> Australia.
> Therefore what I am advocating is more igates on 40m because it  
> provides a logical second choice to 30m, 20m being my third choice  
> for the reasons metioned above.
> More igates on more frequencies though is the ideal in my view.
> David
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