[OZAPRS] HF to VHF Confused

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Hi David and all,

In the past there were a few HF gateway stations about that were'nt directly 
connected to the internet. I have in the past been in this category myself 
however It would be nice to know, who / if there are any HF gates still 
running that dont have a direct connect to the aprs-is ?    Hence the 
recommended use of GATE,WIDE2-1 for HF mobiles.

And .. we ( VK5 ) have also done a resaonable amount of testing on 40m for 
possible HF APRS use back a few years ago. Similar time frame to what Brian 
was alluding to in his email. At that time we didnt have much success either 
on 40m, alaways going back to 30m, with perhaps 20m as the second choice. I 
reckon the main problems were daytime noise levels at the HF gates, along 
with some funny multipath stuff. Anyway It'll be interesting to see how 40m 
performs for you this time around. Like you say it would probably be a good 
option in the long run.

Regards .. Andrew .. VK5EX

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>I note reference on the Australian aprs site to HF iGates digipeating  to 
>VHF. Not sure why?
> My plan for HF at least initially, was to simply receive on 7036 MHz  and 
> upload the data to an APRS server, so that HF stations can be  tracked. 
> This will be easy to do as it doesn't require anything other  than my 
> radio, antenna and computer equipped with soundcard and  internet 
> connection. Am I missing something?
> David VK4MDX
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