FW: [OZAPRS] TT3 and a fm900 radio

David J. McAulay davelly at aanet.com.au
Mon Jun 22 20:21:21 EST 2009

Thanks for the email and the file

My friend went to the dayton hamfest and was supposed to bring home a TT3 
for a few of us

When he was at the stall, he said everyone was purchasing the TT4 and 
thinking in buying the TT3 for us
he was doing wrong seeing the TT4 was the latest he bought the TT4

So the ideas we have been working on and thinking we have it all right and 
ready to go
now has been blown out of the water, no a whole new learning curve is about 
to begin
searching the net etc to find out what this TT4 does that the TT3 doesnt.

We have fm900 radios programmed with the control heads and ready to go

Well we thought we did

73 David

At 08:36 PM 21/06/2009, you wrote:
>         This is what I did, circuit is courtesy of a VK7 as noted.
>Gordo VK4VP
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>Subject: [OZAPRS] TT3 and a fm900 radio
>Hi All
>Wonder if someone maybe able to help please.
>A couple  of us here in VK3 have ordered the tt3 from the usa, and in
>prepartion are trying to make up a cable to suit a fm900 radio using the 8
>pin din on the back of the radio. We propose to use the middle pin which  is
>not connected at present to supply 12v to the tt3. The gps we propose to use
>is a 12v unit Looking at the tt3 web pages and cicuits between us we are
>still confused on what pins of the tt3 db9 we use
>and to what pins of the fm900
>Im sure someone has done it
>Could I ask you share this please with me
>Thank you
>All replies appreciated
>73 David VK3EW
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