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Ray Wells vk2tv at exemail.com.au
Sat Jun 20 16:49:16 EST 2009


The firmware required for the TNC's aprs is UIDigi. I can do EPROM's if 
nobody closer (than Kempsey) steps up to the plate.

Ray vk2tv

James Cameron VK2LQZ wrote:
> On Sat, Jun 20, 2009 at 12:12:49PM +1000, Geoff wrote:
>> ... VK2RCC at Coonabarabran, and also stirred some more interest
>> amongst the Dubbo gang - if we can get the planned digi in at Dubbo
>> we'll have pretty good coverage over most of the populated inland
>> areas of North Western NSW
> I'm looking after the VK2RCC site, as I'm closest.
> I've received two MFJ-1270B units back from loan which I acquired about
> 10 years ago, but no idea what firmware is on them.  I welcome input and
> direction.  I've no EEPROM programmer.
> The voice repeaters have a huge coverage area and we have operators on
> the fringes, so desense is a worry.
>> I'll update the VK2 website with the details of all these changes when
>> I get a chance..
> I've reviewed http://aprs.net.au/ and http://vk2.aprs.net.au/ ... and
> here's some constructive suggestions because I care ... :
> 1.  main page, please don't say "site is still in the process of being
> rebuilt", just say what you can and don't promise more, ... if you'd
> like to set up an RSS feed then I can help,
> 2.  get others to help with the web site, and use a version control
> system, so that contributions can be merged, I can explain how this is
> done with other web sites that I contribute to, it doesn't take much
> effort, and I'm happy to help you if you need it ... the work flow can
> still be a single point approval if necessary.
> 3.  on http://vk2.aprs.net.au/ reword the Foundation license
> restriction; a Foundation licensee is certainly permitted to receive
> APRS, but is not permitted to transmit except in emergency, ... perhaps
> a special page for Foundation licensees in order to tell them what they
> need to know to learn what they can about APRS, and encourage them to
> upgrade.  It is a significant carrot, and playing it as such will win
> more users.

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