[OZAPRS] News from VK2

Geoff geoff at gatwards.org
Sat Jun 20 12:12:49 EST 2009

It's been a while since we posted an update on happenings in the VK2
network, so here goes:


New digipeaters online in the North West,  VK2RTM and VK2KOF, both in the
Tamworth area.

VK2RTM-1 will soon be at it's final site mid-way between Tamworth and
Muswellbrook, and should provide blanket coverage through the area.

VK2KOF-1 is a fill-in digipeater that services the local Tamworth area as
there are a few blind-spots around town that cannot access the local I-Gate
run by Mark VK2JMA directly.


The surge in activity in Tamworth has sparked some movements to extend the
network further, up towards Narrabri (Possible site on or near Mt Kaputar),
VK2RCC at Coonabarabran, and also stirred some more interest amongst the
Dubbo gang - if we can get the planned digi in at Dubbo we'll have pretty
good coverage over most of the populated inland areas of North Western NSW J


Further south, the Wagga digi VK2CSU-1 is pretty sick, but there are plans
to relocate the digi with new equipment to be co-located with the voice
repeater at Wheel of Fortune Hill, which will markedly improve coverage in
that area.  The plans are in place - just need the time to do the work J

Also in the Wagga region there are some interesting plans relating to some
additional sites - VK2RGF out near Griffith may be investigated as a new
site, as there is some momentum in APRS interest gathering in the Riverina
after everyone watched Tim VK2HLT's trip to Finke (via HF).

VK2RWG-1, HLT-1 and RGF-1 would provide nice coverage of the Riverina.
Also on the planned list is a new fill-in digi between Wagga and Albury,


I'll update the VK2 website with the details of all these changes when I get
a chance..



Geoff   VK2XJG

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