[OZAPRS] Hamfest this Long weekend

Geoff geoff-lists at gatwards.org
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Have you marked the Hamfest on the map as an object in the new HFEST* format
??  ;-)

For those that are unfamiliar with the "new" format, there are several new
standardizations that have been published on WB4APR's site.  We will be
merging these standardizations into the local APRS website soon.


HAMFESTS: For HAMFESTS please use the \h symbol and use the object name of
HFEST-ddx where dd is the day of the month, and "x" is a unique character
not used by anyone else for that date (a,b,c... etc). See the GPS map
display above which alerted me to a Hamfest coming up on the 12th. This way,
anyone can get a live list of all HAMFEST objects in the country by going to
FINDU.COM for the callsign/object name of HFEST*

In your case the object would probably be  HFEST-06x
Additionally, the first line of text in the object description should be the
talk-in frequency for the event in the format XXX.XXXMHz - this allows
anyone with a D710 to auto-tune to the frequency associated with the object
at the press of a button.

Geoff  VK2XJG

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Hi All,

The South East Radio Group ( SERG ) is having its annual Hamfest this 
long weekend. So to those making the journey,  safe traveling and there 
is a APRS digi in Mount Gambier

Digi is VK5JFK-1

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