[OZAPRS] Off to Alice Springs and Finke

Scott Evans scott at vk7hse.hobby-site.org
Sun Jun 14 12:06:49 EST 2009

In response..

> Thanks for those guys out there running 40m Igates, I had a great trip and had 
> covergae on 40m basically at all times ! as this was my first HF APRS attempt 
> and first trip into the centre I was most impressed !   I, like a few others 
> out there need to to run 40m because of our Standard licencs.
> Cheers Tim VK2HLT

Great  I'm glad that it has been a worthy experiment! I certainly did
notice your traffic... and you also assisted in me getting a better idea
of the limits of both mother nature and my gear !!! thanks back to
you! :D

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