[OZAPRS] Any experiences with a Standard Vertex VX8R ?

James Cameron VK2LQZ vk2lqz at wia.org.au
Wed Jul 29 20:48:27 EST 2009

On Wed, Jul 29, 2009 at 02:56:52AM -0700, Chris Lumsden wrote:
> Also, the bluetooth is only used for voice comms, not data. It would
> have been great to have the bluetooth module handle data to access the
> TNC, & for programming the radio. Why did they not do this ??

Yeah, I'm waiting for that kind of radio ... one where *all* [1]
features are bluetooth accessible.  I'd like to be able to simply hoist
the radio on a pole, and use a bluetooth headset and laptop at ground
level.  A 2.4GHz to other stuff repeater.


1.  except for battery eject.  Then again ...

James Cameron
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