Brian Beamish dinkum at optusnet.com.au
Wed Jan 28 22:15:58 EST 2009

Hi Ray

Great to hear that someone was actually tracking me you may wonder why I
left the highway to take the back roads that I did.

In October to celebrate my 70th birthday I trekked the Kokoda Track in PNG
the hardest trek that I had ever undertaken whilst there I made good mates
with my guide Wallace and porter Brendan I owe each of then a lot for
without their help I may not have made it, incidentally it rained 7 out of
the 9 day trek. The PNG company that my guide worked for sent him over here
so that he could come to the Tamworth Country Music Festival with us.

Rather then just follow the highway all the way home which we would normally
do when we reached Tenterfield I set the TomTom to take us the by the
shortest route not the fastest straight down the highway one of the reasons
for doing this was to take Wallace through some very different country to
what we encountered on the way down the highway to Tamworth. Different it
certainly was including a couple of near none existent "Roads" passing
through some rough and also rainforest country so dense that the TomTom lost
the satellite a few times. All went well until we got behind, south of, Mt
Lindesay where 2 of the 3 roads the TomTom told us to go down no longer
existed not even with a 4x4 track and a 3rd was closed. It was great fun but
I am sure that anyone tracking us would have been wondering where in hell we
were going.

Ray I would have liked to have seen the track we took but those files seem
very large to me very pleased that you did track me please do so anytime and
pass it on to who ever you wish.

Just for fun I can recommend to anyone running a navigator when out away
from the city rather than setting it to the normal fastest way set it to the
shortest way you will, like us, be pleasantly surprised as to where it may
take you,

73 Brian VK4BBS

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From: Ray Wells
Date: 28/01/2009 6:21:41 PM
To: Australian APRS Users
Subject: Re: [OZAPRS] Test
Geoff wrote:
> Test - please disregard (although I know some of you won't) ;-)
I did :-)
I hope Brian, vk4bbs, doesn't mind, but I tracked his return from
Tamworth until just north of the vk2/vk4 border, where I ran out of
useful maps.
The results are quite interesting, with plenty of reporting points until
Brian dropped down into tiger country east of Tenterfield, on the
Bruxner Highway. From then, until well north of Tabulam, the number of
(30m) reporting point was significantly low.
I took a number of xastir screen shots at different zoom levels, and
employing different map, for Brian's journey. I haven't tallied up the
total size of files but there is probably around some tens of MB. If
anyone is interested in copies of the plots, I will provide ftp access
on an individual basis. You will need to email me and I will, in return,
provide a user name and password which will remain active for just a few
days. My upload speed is 128kb/s so be patient.
If Brian is interested an supplies me with an email address I'll forward
them on.
Ray vk2tv
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