[OZAPRS] New Warwick Igate

David Hopkins davhop at bigpond.net.au
Wed Jan 14 18:55:51 EST 2009

Finally we have an Igate installed in Warwick Queensland.

Callsign VK4HPW-1

Warwick is about 80KMs north of the QLD/NSW border on the New England Highway.

The DIGI is running on a temporary antenna just above roof height.
It is hoped to get the antenna to about 10 meters above the roof in 
the near future.

The location is at the home of VK4HPW and unfortunately is in a bit 
of a hollow.

Before the installation all APRS stopped at Cunninghams Gap. Now 
there is reasonable coverage from about 10KMs south of the Gap until 
well past Warwick.
If a higher site could be found then there would be a vast 
improvement in the coverage.

What we need next is a couple of digi's further south to extend the 
coverage another couple of hundred  kilometres along the New England Highway.


David G. Hopkins (VK4ZF)
S27 32.191 E153 11.867 

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