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Steven Heimann vk2vsv at bmarc.org
Wed Jan 14 06:56:29 EST 2009


I programmed my TinyTrak4 using a laptop and USB->serial converter and
it worked for me.

The file you are uploading will be something.TT4.  I think
tracker644p.TT4 is the latest.

I found a later copy of TeraTerm Pro which works with XP & Vista at

You have to follow the instructions in the firmware manual --exactly--
or it wont work.  I had quite a few abortive attempts because of my
failures to do this.

-Make sure you set your com port to 19200
-Did you press lower case "b" within half a second of getting the ?
prompt to get it into bootloader mode.
-you should then get ">"
-then press s and send the file in binary mode.

After that you should be able to run the configuration program.

I found it easy to miss a step and get funny things on the screen.

I'm using my TinyTrak4 on 2m at the moment but want to try HF shortly.


On Tue, 2009-01-13 at 16:21 +1100, Ron wrote:
> Hello group.
> I enquired a few weeks back on what I needed to go HF on APRS, well
now I have a shiny new TT4 sitting on the bench.
> I have manufactured all the necessary cabling, have downloaded Tera
Term Pro V 2.3 and have run the TT4 through this. 
> All went well up to the bit where I had to select Tera Term, File,
send file, tick the Binary box in the bottom left corner then select a
file to transfer, which one ?
> When it goes through this process there is supposed to be many ....
( periods ) displayed until the end where there is supposed to be an *
but instead of the ...... I get ??????
> The file has been running about an hour now and I am still seeing
these question marks, albeit ever so slowly now.
> Can someone tell me if /or where I may have gone wrong.
> As my laptop does not have any serial ports I am using a USB to serial
converter and it "appears" to be doing the right thing but can this be a
problem ?
> I am hoping I am not too far off in getting this thing on the air but
wondering if there is someone out there who might be able to guide me
through the final steps.
> As mentioned previously, I intend using either my Icom IC-7000 or my
Yaesu 817 ND, depends on the mood I am in on the day as neither are
fitted in the car, just plug and play devices, but one thing I found out
today was that the cable from the TT4 to the radio suites either radio,
so that is a bonus in not having to have 2 cables.
> Anyway, looking forward to any responses.
> Many thanks.
> Ron.
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