[OZAPRS] What's next ?

Ron vk3ant at optusnet.com.au
Tue Jan 13 16:21:34 EST 2009

Hello group.

I enquired a few weeks back on what I needed to go HF on APRS, well now I have a shiny new TT4 sitting on the bench.

I have manufactured all the necessary cabling, have downloaded Tera Term Pro V 2.3 and have run the TT4 through this. 

All went well up to the bit where I had to select Tera Term, File, send file, tick the Binary box in the bottom left corner then select a file to transfer, which one ?

When it goes through this process there is supposed to be many .... ( periods ) displayed until the end where there is supposed to be an * but instead of the ...... I get ??????

The file has been running about an hour now and I am still seeing these question marks, albeit ever so slowly now.

Can someone tell me if /or where I may have gone wrong.

As my laptop does not have any serial ports I am using a USB to serial converter and it "appears" to be doing the right thing but can this be a problem ?

I am hoping I am not too far off in getting this thing on the air but wondering if there is someone out there who might be able to guide me through the final steps.

As mentioned previously, I intend using either my Icom IC-7000 or my Yaesu 817 ND, depends on the mood I am in on the day as neither are fitted in the car, just plug and play devices, but one thing I found out today was that the cable from the TT4 to the radio suites either radio, so that is a bonus in not having to have 2 cables.

Anyway, looking forward to any responses.

Many thanks.

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