[OZAPRS] How do I go mobile on HF APRS ?

Michael vk6bhy at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 7 18:55:33 EST 2009

I am using a Tiny Track 3 plus to a Icom 706 with a Terlin antenna for 
HF and 1/4 wave whip for VHF, have got 2 wires out of the plug going to 
the radio which I twist together for VHF, plan on putting in a switch 
when I get home, seems to work ok but still not quite set-up right, 
think just the audio level needs adjusting a bit.

Any tips on getting the audio to the radio right?

Makes for a tidy set-up that is easy to swap from HF to VHF
One tip, it is worth getting a GPS that turns on with the TT3 which for 
me is powered from the 706, my Garmin Etrax does not turn on automatically

73 from Michael
VK6BHY  -15

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