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Roger Nichols roger.nichols at bigpond.com
Mon Jan 5 10:36:01 EST 2009

I use a Puxing 777 in my track in a bakpak (shell of a drinking bladder back
pack and ideal for use on horse back or cycle).  Use an SMA/BNC adapter with a
short coax to a rubber ducky (not the Puxing supplied one) attached to one of
the shoulder straps via an aluminium bracket.  The bracket is in contact with a
piece of aluminium foil which lines the pack and provides a bit of ground.
Additional comments - use the standard attached radio battery and a spare which
routinely changeover at about 4hrs - not because it's been needed, but just to
be sure.  The TT3 is powered from a separate small gel cell (Jaycar's smallest).
This works fine but is most of the weight in the unit.  Might try one of Mr
Chan's battery eliminators David mentions just because it seems a bit silly
having two batteries.  Also have to grope in the pack to turn off the radio
(external switch for tracker).  Powering the radio from the gel cell would
enable one switch turns on/off all.    Otherwise, concur with David's remarks

The unit performs well.  Only adjustment has been to the antenna bracket to
prevent the antenna knocking on the helmet of the horse rider every step of four
hooves over the first 40km of an 80km endurance ride!

Roger VK7ARN

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Andrew Rich wrote:
> Anyone had success with these cheap handhelds on ebay for APRS ?
> Andrew 
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I've used a couple as 70cm rigs and the 'higher band'. I used the Puxing
PX-777 VHF as the transmitter in my 'track in the box' APRS system.  Any
activity for VK4TDI-9 in the last year has been from the PX-777.

 It is cheap (around US$70 inc. shipping) from Hong Kong. I've used
409shop.com and found them reasonable to deal with, including one prompt
replacement of a radio that had a stuffed spk/mic socket. They have the
R-SMA adapters and lots of other goodies too.

I have gone with the PX-777 for a few reasons. Firstly the build quality
is better than some of the other chinese handhelds. The rotary encoder
actually works and so do the keys. Secondly it uses the standard Kenwood
connector for the mic, so I bought a Kenwood lead from Argent Data when
I got my Opentracker 1+. Alternatively, a Kenwood adapter cable for a
full headset is not to expensive from Mr Chan at 409shop.

A 12V eliminator is available for the PX-777, but the battery supplied
lasts quite a long time. Standby (turned off) time is much longer if the
battery is removed.


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