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Sun Jan 4 16:35:04 EST 2009

On 04/01/2009, at 3:34 PM, Shaun Pitcher wrote:
> 11Gig!  I suppose that is good and bad.  Good that people are using  
> it,
> bad it cost you money.
> I am using First server and have backed off my filter radius to  
> limit the
> traffic.  I suppose it all adds up, although I must admit I did not  
> think
> it would add up to that much!.

You wouldn't think it'd add up much, since it's only a 'measly'  
4-5kbytes/second each way..  but when you do the sums, that's about  
right :)

Since it's pretty equal on the in/out, it doesn't really bother me  
overly, as it doesn't make a huge dent compared to the rest of the  
traffic coming out of my rack..  All of the Aus community legal  
centers combined, manage about that volume in email each day alone :)

What's really weird, is having a box with an aprsd running, that  
DOESN'T have a transceiver attached - that just feels weird ;)  But I  
don't think getting a feed from level 2 of GlobalSwitch out to the  
roof would be cost effective, assuming it was even possible :)

And it's all fun! (and tax deductible! ;) )



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