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Ray Wells vk2tv at exemail.com.au
Sat Dec 26 13:42:03 EST 2009

Tony, Great idea.

Tony's request is particularly valid when one considers the amount of 
useless/outdated information that prevails on the internet in relation 
to aprs. It's very easy to be misguided by a Google search. We really do 
need to fly a big flag on the front page pointing to a starting point 
for newcomers.

Ray vk2tv

Tony Hunt wrote:
> I have had some comments from operators about the lack of information 
> available for New APRS users.
> I dont think theres a lack of info so much as a inability to find 
> help. One thing I found yesterday was the lack of a link to this email 
> group or the way it was hidden on the National Web page. If newbys 
> could find their way to this list it would be a great start. It seems 
> to be a general secret. Can we have a more obvious Link to sign up to 
> this Email group on the Web National page ?
> I found the only Link in the 'Further Information" Tab which actually 
> goes to a Page called Mailing-Lists.htm. Maybee the Tab could be 
> renamed Contacts/Information/Help for Newbies or something a bit more 
> descript than a Generic "Further Info" .
> The first place I looked for this mail list was the "APRS on the 
> Internet" Tab but that didnt help. Maybee a brief Link at the top of 
> this page would help as well.
> One thing that happens repeatedly is a newby arrives on APRS with a 
> Tracker or Cleint software and guesses their way through the config. 
> They dont get the best out of it or think things are broken because 
> they can not get the config worked out. Sometimes they even arrive and 
> clag the network with bad path settings or Tracker setups.
> Thats all fine but actually trying to contact them to help them 
> through it becomes the biggest problem. If they arrived here at some 
> point on this email group it would really help.
> In Adelaide we have a Bulletin advertising this email group URL. (once 
> Ive corrected the URL).
> Maybee even this helps.
> Tony Hunt VK5AH
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