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Tony Hunt wavetel at internode.on.net
Sat Dec 26 12:42:49 EST 2009

I have had some comments from operators about the lack of information available for New APRS users.

I dont think theres a lack of info so much as a inability to find help. One thing I found yesterday was the lack of a link to this email group or the way it was hidden on the National Web page. If newbys could find their way to this list it would be a great start. It seems to be a general secret. Can we have a more obvious Link to sign up to this Email group on the Web National page ?
I found the only Link in the 'Further Information" Tab which actually goes to a Page called Mailing-Lists.htm. Maybee the Tab could be renamed Contacts/Information/Help for Newbies or something a bit more descript than a Generic "Further Info" . 

The first place I looked for this mail list was the "APRS on the Internet" Tab but that didnt help. Maybee a brief Link at the top of this page would help as well.

One thing that happens repeatedly is a newby arrives on APRS with a Tracker or Cleint software and guesses their way through the config. They dont get the best out of it or think things are broken because they can not get the config worked out. Sometimes they even arrive and clag the network with bad path settings or Tracker setups. 
Thats all fine but actually trying to contact them to help them through it becomes the biggest problem. If they arrived here at some point on this email group it would really help.

In Adelaide we have a Bulletin advertising this email group URL. (once Ive corrected the URL).
Maybee even this helps.

Tony Hunt VK5AH
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