[OZAPRS] VK3 Network Update & Observation

Richard Hoskin vk3jfk at amsat.org
Tue Dec 22 09:59:26 EST 2009




Yesterday I was able to assist in installing new hardware at VK3CV-1.

Looks like the old radio an FM92 was resetting itself every time it
transmitted. It's been replaced with a properly tuned, trusty FM828.


It's great to have VK3CV-1 back on air.


While I was at the digi site I was listening to the packets flying through
the RF network, there where a lot of them as VK3CV-1 is a busy Digi.

There were also a Lot of packets that the Digi did Not repeat due to the
very poor deviation of the received signals.


If you are having trouble getting into the APRS network from RF please check
your deviation before blaming the Digipeaters or lack of APRS coverage.


Listen to your own APRS signal on another radio and compare it to other
stations that are transmitting. If you signal sound different the it
probably means you've got your deviation set incorrectly. It much better and
you will have much more success with APRS if you have a lower deviation
setting. (Generally 3Khz to 3.5Khz is optimum if you have access to a
deviation meter.)


As Daryl mentioned a few weeks ago take a look at
http://www.febo.com/packet/layer-one/transmit.html for an explanation on
deviation for packet radio.


Merry Christmas to all!






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