[OZAPRS] WX station gear ?

Mike tasit at tpg.com.au
Sun Dec 20 11:42:26 EST 2009

Hello Ron,
This from Argrnt Data Systems has just been released. Still at the BETA  
phase but looks very promising.
Nice features with a price that looks like excellent value for money.  
US$120 BETA and approx US$150 production.
Peet Brothers compatable output.

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Mike, VK2IN

On Sun, 13 Dec 2009 10:10:21 +1100, Ron Graham <ron at ramblin.info> wrote:

> Hi all,
> No doubt lots of different answers to this .. what is the bestbrand/model
> (value for $, reliability etc.) WX station suitable for APRS and local
> domestic output? As well as the normal sensors, I would like the optionof
> humidity, atmospheric pressure and rain fall.
> If someone has a unit surplus to their requirements in excellent "asnew"
> condition, please drop me a private e-mail.
> Ron, VK4BRG.
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It's taken longer than expected due to component shortages, but I've got
half a dozen ADS-WS1 weather stations assembled and nearly ready to ship.


There's a ton of stuff not done yet, but the prototype in my office has
been working well for weeks with Virtual Weather Station. I'd recommend
against dropping one on a remote mountain just yet, though.

The next hardware revision will change terminal block sizes, and will
also have a place to plug in a backup battery. For now there's no
backup for the real-time clock, so if you disconnect power after
programming it, it won't know what time it is. On the other hand, it
doesn't really matter at this point. The APRS transmissions aren't
timestamped anyway, and Virtual Weather Station at least doesn't care
about the time. WeatherView32 seemed to be more picky about that.

I haven't sourced any extension cables yet, so if you're mounting the
box separate from the mast you'll need to find those yourself. Make
sure they're 4-conductor cables. I've got 50 foot extensions on my test
unit and haven't had any problems.

All connections to the box (aside from the wind and rain sensors) are
through the terminal block. This includes serial for PC hookup. The
DB9 pigtails listed elsewhere on the site work pretty well for that, or
if you're mounting it remotely you can use some 3-conductor alarm wire
(I find this most convenient since there's an alarm shop next door) for
GND, TXD, and RXD. Setup and firmware updates can be done through the
same connection.

Anyway, the basics are working, and your patience and understanding
about the lack of polish and documentation gets you a $30 discount off
the planned retail price.

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