[OZAPRS] Just returned from the QLD to Syd

Phillip zl2tze at yahoo.com.au
Thu Dec 3 14:33:46 EST 2009

Hi Steve, 
                Ray is on to it, if they all live in sleepy hollow  and
motivation is lacking lead by example 
just get out there find an Amateur who is willing to help you and go for it.

Then when you got it together and running like a Swiss watch tell them all
and tell them how to look at 
the different online servers so they can see what is happening around them..

If you can or have a spare tracker lend it to some one in that area for a
month this will
then make others want to try APRS ...

Dangle a carrot it can't hurt  

Good luck

73 Phillip
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From: Ray Wells
Date: 3/12/2009 2:37:04 p.m.
To: Australian APRS Users
Subject: Re: [OZAPRS] Just returned from the QLD to Syd
Do what I did with vk2rmc-1 - licence and install it yourself. That's
also how I intend to extend coverage, when I get site access at the
right price.
Ray vk2tv
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