[OZAPRS] ZL 6m bandplan

Jack Chomley radio at irock.com.au
Mon Aug 31 21:23:21 EST 2009

At 09:15 PM 8/31/2009, Andrew Rich \(Home\) wrote:
>As far as I can see the WIA has created a mess, it has reduced the 
>required standard to get into radio
>Not raised it.
>The FCALL effort is just a numbers game.
>I pay a fee like everyone else that allows me a piece of spectrum
>People overseas are miles ahead of us.

Our club has been running upgrade exams with great success, we have 
more members now than we have ever had, higher attendances at 
meetings, many members are fired up on APRS, with network upgrades 
moving ahead.
We have members experimenting with new modes. Our club did Car Rally 
comms last weekend.
People overseas MAYBE ahead of us but......we are moving ahead too.
Whats your personal contribution to the improvement of the hobby?  We 
could use your Radar Techo knowledge .......somewhere ;-)

73  Jack  VK4JRC
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