[OZAPRS] ZL 6m bandplan

James Cameron vk2lqz at wia.org.au
Mon Aug 31 21:15:05 EST 2009

On Mon, Aug 31, 2009 at 08:56:07PM +1000, Andrew Rich (Home) wrote:
> If the WIA was interested in fostering radio
> They would donate test equipment not off the shelf DSTAR
> That is turning us back into users not makers

Part of that I agree with ... D-STAR does seem to be a bit too ready
made for "users", with seemingly fewer opportunities for creative
exploration at the RF or AF end of things.  Experimentation in APRS can
be broader ... and the on-air format is open unlike D-STAR's.  APRS
doesn't carry voice ... but we've got FM for that haven't we?  ;-)

But I don't think the WIA is doing much else in this respect other than
accepting donations from Icom and providing national coordination.
Perhaps it would be better to say "Icom's D-STAR?".

James Cameron

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