[OZAPRS] FM92 preamp

Ray Wells vk2tv at exemail.com.au
Mon Aug 31 19:08:35 EST 2009

Gavin Rogers wrote:
> Ray Wells wrote:
>> The radio has been replaced with an FM92 (was FM828), and a rx pre-amp. 
>> Sensitivity is about 5dB better now at about 0.1uV.
> Hi Ray.
> What sort of preamp are you using on the '92?
> Gavin.

Really old using a BF981. The whole thing should have started from 
scratch but why re-invent the wheel when something works, albeit not 

The hardest part of the exercise was mounting two more BNC sockets on 
the radio so the pre-amp could be;
a) mounted externally and,
b) taken out of circuit if something went wrong

One day I might build something different using a gasfet, but then 
again, I might not.

Gordon McDonald, VK2ZAB described a pre-amp using the BF981 in June 1984 
AR The active device is no longer available but I have a few here if you 
really didn't want something more modern. They were an old Philips device.

Ray vk2tv

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