[OZAPRS] ZL 6m bandplan

James Cameron vk2lqz at wia.org.au
Mon Aug 31 09:17:06 EST 2009

On Mon, Aug 31, 2009 at 07:47:25AM +1000, Ray Wells wrote:
> Is Andrew anti-WIA or anti-FCALL, or both?

I think he lacks the time and language skills to express his concerns in
a constructive way.  His soldering is good though.

> We need to propagate the bands, and the F-calls are a great way to 
> introduce people to the hobby to try to see that happens.

The foundation license is really the only way.  There's no market for
immediate entry to any other class of amateur license.

And bringing it back to topic ... foundation licensees may certainly use
APRS in a limited fashion ... receiving, transmitting in an emergency,
and testing with non-RF links ... but it is up to them to comply with
the regulations, not up to us to police them.

I'd like to see foundation licensees so active on APRS that they can
inject packets into the internet infrastructure in a way that they are
not gated via RF.  I'd like to see them all on xastir.  We have no
excuse not to allow this.  The added weather data would be good too.

I'd like to see the protocols fixed to allow for the longer callsigns.

I'd like to see the dead software go away, to allow continued

James Cameron

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