[OZAPRS] ZL 6m bandplan

Jack Chomley radio at irock.com.au
Mon Aug 31 07:43:08 EST 2009

At 07:10 AM 8/31/2009, Andrew Rich \(Home\) wrote:
>When are we going to launch and APRS sat in OZ ?

Your Job, Andrew ;-)
Buy this......


You will a need a few other bits, pick 'em up on your way home, from Woolies.
Spend a few nights in the comfort of your own home, building it on 
your kitchen table.
IF you are having trouble assembling the bits, fitting the batteries 
etc, these guys can help.


Thats the easy bits done ;-)
Using a slingshot won't launch it high enough, chucking it off your 
house roof won't work either.
So......phone up NASA at Cape Canaveral.


See IF you can get someone on the next Space Shuttle mission
to take it onboard, as carry on baggage ;-)
Tell them to simply throw your Sat out the Space Shuttle toilet 
window, just before it docks with ISS
Mission accomplished!

73  Jack  VK4JRC

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