[OZAPRS] Beacon Intervals - Reminder

Geoff Gatward geoff at gatwards.org
Sun Aug 30 09:14:33 EST 2009



It seems that there are a group of users in the Central Coast/Newcastle
region that have set a new standard for APRS trackers, using a THREE second
beacon interval.  (Three callsigns have been noted doing this during initial
investigations into the failure of the VK2RTZ-1 digipeater - not sure yet if
this is related)


PLEASE make sure that your beacon interval is set to NO LESS THAN 60


3 seconds does two things, both VERY bad.

a.       Saturates the frequency locally so nobody else in simplex range can
send their own beacons

b.      Saturates the input of the receiving digipeaters so that nobody else
in the digi coverage area can send their own beacons


If you are in the area and notice anyone configured in this way, PLEASE ask
them to change their setup.

The configuration guidelines implemented NATIONALLY can be found here:




Geoff  VK2XJG


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