[OZAPRS] Re: Any Reports Please

VK5ARD vk5ard at internode.on.net
Fri Aug 14 20:56:11 EST 2009

Thanks for the response. Yes I suppose I did leave out some handy info for 
you all so here's a quick rundown.

OS XUBUNTU plus Xastir on a quad core 2.8G
VHF is ALINCO DR 635 T (have dedicated syntrx ready but need more audio from 
TNC (time to add the cap))
HF 10.147.60 IC756P3 @ about 30 watts and 40 meter loop. (very temporary 
might I add)

So far I'm cutting my teeth with the help of Tony VK5AH as I know very 
little about linux at all. APRS too for that matter. Also about to move 
house in the comming weeks so I dont want to waste my time errecting masts 
etc. After the move I will change the HF station to a 726 direct to a 
monoband vertical so I wont need a tuner. Will be seperating the 2 bands 
with their own SSID (VK5MW-1 & VK5MW-4) by running Xastir (VHF) and APRSD 
(HF). The vertical will be a bit of an experiment as realestate is at a 
premium. Should it not perform I will fall back to a dipole (probably 
inverted V) as they seem to be the favorite.

IAN, thanks for your link. That was just the info I was after. I was using 
aprs.fi and forgot all about DB0ANF. I knew I was receiving OK but didnt 
know how the outbound data was going. Now I do.

On a final note. I somtimes have been switching to 7.036 during the evenings 
as the band is more favorable during the evening. Sorry if that confused 


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