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Sun Aug 23 09:03:27 EST 2009
General notes on new APRS setup

Prior to continuing with more detailed instructions on different setups, I
just want to mention that there has been some discussions lately on what is
the best setup for APRS. After extensive communication with both Bob
Bruninga (WB4APR) and Sysops within Norway, we are now left with a
recommended common structure for APRS setup:

  a.. WIDE3-3 for relay via stand-alone Digipeaters
  b.. WIDE1-1 for relay via Fill-in Digis
  c.. NORn-N (as SSn-N) which may be used nationally for relay via
stand-alone Digipeaters
  d.. This also means that TRACEn-N is no longer available for use
Some may wonder what happened to RELAY after general implementation of
WIDEn-N? Well, you will actually benefit from not using RELAY, as any
Digipeater type will immediately recognize WIDE1-1 in the future, both
Fill-in and stand-alone Digipeaters. In this way, you as a user need only to
remember one single parameter for all kinds of relay, namely WIDEn-N.

This solution demands correct contents of two unique Digipeater parameters
(UIFLOOD and UITRACE) in order for us to obtain the expected effect, namely
reduced traffic strain on the frequency (traffic volume and unnecessary
QRM), without loss of data.


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