Michael vk5ard at internode.on.net
Sun Apr 5 18:14:12 EST 2009

I am preparing a new iGate for APRS which is to begin on VHF and eventually HF (30 Meters). Being very new to packet ops I really don't have a clue.

iGate PC will be P3 with the cobwebs blown out and running XP Pro, probably running UIView
TNC? and Syntrex for 2 meters as Relay and Gate
MFJ1278 for HF connected to an IC726 as Relay and possible Gate

What would you consider to be your biggest issue when starting up? 
What pitfalls are there to avoid?

My goal is to first provide a service to APRS users and secondly utilize the VHF APRS to spot tropo for some SSB work.

Your 2 cents worth will be appreciated.

Michael VK5MW

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