[OZAPRS] Tas Trip

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Sat Apr 4 11:30:20 EST 2009

Hi All,

Ill be heading off on a bit of touring trip around Tasmania with the family 
next week. We're leaving Adelaide next Thusday morning. Staying in 
Melbourne on Thursday night and then doing the day run over to Devonport on 
the ferry on good Friday. We'll be in Tas for about 2 weeks or so, 
travelling in a sort of clockwise direction around the island, spending a 
couple of nights here and there. We'll be returning to Melbourne on the 
night run of the ferry on the  23rd of April. Ill probably run a combination 
of 30m APRS and 2m APRS, and perhaps if things are going ok 40m aprs. Im 
thinking about at least running 40m APRS on the drive to Melbourne next 
Thursday if there are HF gates still operational then. It would be 
interesting to see how that goes. BTW, I tend to listen on the HF APRS fx's 
for phone contacts as well . Sometimes its a bit hard though with teenage 
kids in the back seat creating all sorts of havoc and distractions while 
driving.. hi hi..

73 .. Andrew .. VK5EX-15

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