[OZAPRS] KPC3 using HF 300 baud

Rob rob.thirkettle at canterbury.ac.nz
Sat Apr 4 07:11:27 EST 2009

Hi Michael although this TNC will do 300 Baud packet. It would not be
compatible with the rest of us as you see below from Wikipedia is the bell
specifications. What matters with HF packet that the rest of us are using is
that the mark and space tones need to be 200 Hz apart and what you have is a
1000Hz difference. This is a VHF TNC sorry to disappoint you on your find.

Regards Rob ZL3RX

The Bell 202 modem was an early modem developed by AT&T. It used audio
frequency-shift keying to encode and transfer data at a rate of 1,200 bits
per second, half-duplex (one-way). Other third party modems that support the
same signalling and are referred to generically as "Bell 202 modulation",
and any device employing it as "Bell 202-compatible" or "a Bell 202 modem".

    * Bell 202 uses 1,200 Hz for the mark (typically a binary '1') tone and
2,200 Hz for the space (typically a binary '0') tone.

In North America (and perhaps elsewhere), Bell 202 modulation is used to
transmit Caller ID information on the public telephone network. It is also
employed in some commercial settings.

Surplus Bell 202 modems were used by amateur radio operators to construct
the first packet radio stations, and despite its low signalling speed, Bell
202 modulation remains the standard for amateur VHF operation in most areas.
Notably, Automatic Position Reporting System transmissions are most often
encoded this way.

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Hello Rob,
Just checked the Hbaud rate on my KPC3 and it will do 300 400 600 1200 baud
using bell 202 tones.

I have been rx'n beacons and the rcv led is lighting up, CD is set for
software decode so the rcv led will only light up when there is a packet
being decoded correctly .

I have been away with work and only just got home, i will check ui-view
setup tonight as it seems to be the problem.]

thanks ..73's

Michael Wain VK3HAU.

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