[OZAPRS] Suitable GPS for HF APRS & SCS DSP Tracker ??

Jack Chomley radio at irock.com.au
Tue Sep 23 11:21:01 EST 2008

Hi Everyone,

I have an SCS DSP Tracker TNC with NMEA input for GPS. Its a simple 2
wire interface, however my Garmin Etrex GPS NMEA output will not work
UNLESS the GPS NMEA output port, is triggered with a voltage to "wake up"
its output chip. This is done to obviously save battery power for the
unit. IF its connected to a PC it simply uses voltage from one of the
RS232 COM port pins to "wake up" the chip and the GPS then sends the
data happily to the PC. This cannot happen when it is connected to
the TNC.
Apparently this great battery saving feature was only implimented on the
later Garmin Etrex models.
So.....does anyone know IF the Garmin Geko 301 or any other small
compact battery powered GPS has the ability to simply stream NMEA data
out of its port, without needing a trigger voltage, to activate its
comms chip?

73s   Jack VK4JRC

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