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Michael Wain vk3hau at bigpond.net.au
Sat Sep 6 18:09:02 EST 2008

From: "Brian Beamish" <dinkum at optusnet.com.au>
Subject: [OZAPRS] Findu would appreciate our support
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Hi Michael

I do not think that anyone let alone myself is saying that you or anyone
must make a donation although support with a small donation would I am sure
be much appreciated much like the small donation that one, hope you do, may
give to a local radio club be you a member or not to run and maintain the
local repeater that you may appreciate and use regularly.

73 Brian VK4BBS

Hi Brian,

While This is Very True and yes I do support My local club by My member fees paid yearly and supply
the club with web space on my personal web site www.users.bigpond.net.au/vk3hau and have setup the 
websites domain name witch I paid for and also paid for the redirection on the domain to my website,
And I am also a member of the WIA and pay my member fees yearly and support the WIA by broadcasting
the WIA News on the local Club repeater VK3REB on Sundays morning at 1030am and have check in's at
the end of the broadcast, and I also run a Echolink node on VK3REB ( to be moved to VK3RTU due to IRLP 
been setup by vk3xbw ) witch cost money for the dedicated computer and internet service,  I was merely saying
That I personal Like www.aprs.fi and you don't have to donate as you can't, there's no option to on he web site.
I was NOT having a go at you , just stating my opinion.

EGARC Inc. Publicity Officer. 

Michael Wain - VK3HAU
Phone - 51411650
Email - vk3hau at vk3egc.org 

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