[OZAPRS] Message Traffic and WX Alert list in Xastir

Geoff geoff at gatwards.org
Thu Nov 27 13:19:08 EST 2008


Problem with the Marine zones and Xastir found.

Xastir has been HARD CODED so that only certain state prefixes will look at
the MZ file.   From  maps.c:

case 'Z':
  // Zone, coastal or offshore marine zone file z_????? or mz???? or oz??
  // oz: ANZ081-086,088,PZZ081-085
  // z_: All others

SO - I'll need to "fool" Xastir somehow by giving all products in the MZ
file a state from the hard-coded list above.....   I'm not sure if this will
cause issues to the US folk - I'll check with Dale & Peter.

I'll get back to you on this one.....

Anyway updated z_aus27no08 fileset is now available, and the code change has
been done to send all alerts as NWS_xxxxx

Geoff   VK2XJG

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OK I've got my Xastir up and running, and after conducting a few tests, I
think I found a problem (with Xastir!)

It looks like Xastir ONLY accepts alert messages with NWS_xxxx as the
destination.  The WXSVR protocol allows for both NWS_xxxx AND NWS-xxxx.
I was sending out WARN severity messages with the latter format, in order
for these to trigger additional messages on mobile units.

So,  Fix 1 is for WXSVR-AU to only send alerts with the Underscore method...

I have the dbfawk files working in the /config dir - BUT I had to RENAME the
existing US versions (nwsz_ddmmyy became _nwsz_ddmmyy etc). Xastir refused
to see the z_ausddmmyy file until I did this - don't know why.

I have also REMOVED the additional column from the end of the dbf file for
the z_aus product, as it also seems to have been causing issues with Xastir
(look out for updated z_aus file later today on the site)

I'm still trying to look at the issue with the MZ warnings - I still can't
trigger any areas on the map although there seem to be no errors in
Xastir...   Will keep looking at this one, but it only affects coastal
waters areas at the moment.


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Hi Geoff....e-mail was getting too long

your comment about th ?N or ?Y being a missing color for the area alert 
may be spot on.....
however i cant find ..after a lot of trawling of my h/d...the file(s) 
where the colors are listed for the ADVIS  etc.....
i got an Alert for CNTFLW again and the area color was YY and that 
showed up the Yellow area on the map down the bottom of Victoria

i think you are onto something there

give me the clues and i'll do the searching etc....ive got all day hi hi

David VK4BDJ
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