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Hi Ian,

congrats on the license.

I would suggest leaving the VHF tracker at home !! .. Sounds to me like you 
will be spending most of your traveling time away from major centers anyway, 
therefore minimizing the time useful VHF tracking will occur. I use HF aprs 
very successfully when traveling both out bush as well as metro areas. In 
fact, in a lot of instances HF arprs is more reliable than metro VHF aprs 
anyway. Now that we have an excellent network of HF gateways in Australia, 
pretty well every inch of Australia at any time of day can almost guarantee 
good HF tracking back to the APRS-IS. Use -15 as your SSID and run a beacon 
rate of 10 minutes or so , and all should be ok. BTW I use a IC706Mk2G in 
the 4wd with a bionics tinytrack 3. I have set the TT3 up with a dual 
configuration , one of which is set for HF aprs and the other config is set 
for VHF operation. So if I really feel the need I can just switch frequency 
from 30m HF aprs to VHF aprs on the radio and flick to the second VHF config 
on the TT3.

Regards .. Andrew VK5EX

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> Group,
> I had read this however I was seeking some additional guidance. Probably 
> best
> if I work a scenario.
> I have VK1IB-9 entered into my VHF tracker and VK1IB-15 in my HF one. I 
> start
> on my trip.
> Those watching my progress will see two separate icons in the same place.
> Ugly, but no problem for the moment.
> As I progress, I eventually get out of range of any VHF repeaters. VK1IB-9
> stops. HF is still operational so VK1IB-15 continues to move. Now anyone
> watching my progress sees two icons in different locations. This outcome 
> is
> not what I am looking for.
> I want people tracking my progress to see one icon only, updated with
> position reports from the "best" source.
> From what I am reading, I should be leaving my VHF APRS gear at home 
> right??
> Ian
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