[OZAPRS] Message Traffic and WX Alerts in Xastir

Geoff geoff at gatwards.org
Wed Nov 26 17:01:20 EST 2008

I can't answer the Xastir specific queries, however how the shapefiles are
triggered is as follows:

Each shape within each shapefile is assigned a field that is used to
'trigger' the shape (Each shapefile has a unique .dbf format - we just
copied what the Yanks use)

In the z_ausXXXX file for example, the .dbf contains STATE, ZONE and
STATE_ZONE.  These are defined within the .dbf as for example NS, 025, and
NS025 respectively.

The APRS message that triggers this zone contains the state and zone(s)
required to be highlighted (Leading 0 is insignificant)

The APRS message itself looks like:  

Now I'm not sure how Xastir handles this, but in UI-View, all it cares about
is the NSZ25 part and the expiry time.  TSTORM is a "plaintext" identifier
that only shows up within the NWS plugin, and the shape is automatically
hidden when the expiry time passes.

Objects on the map are just that - objects, triggered by an object beacon,
like this one:
UPWSTS>APRS:;UPW_STS  *260830z3023.94S\14310.20ETSevere Tstorm {Q5QAA

The symbol used to represent the Thunderstorm is Symbol-set \ (Alternate)
symbol T.  We're using the same symbols as the US NWS messages, so they
should be available.

Geoff  VK2XJG

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Hi Andrew......ive been getting areas with Yellow and Flood for some 
time now....also was getting Blue Alert at one stage.....
at the moment we have large areas with STS Severe Thunderstorm Storm 
i note that in the /usr/local/share/symbols dir there is no .xbm for 
Thunderstorms...would this cause them not to be shown up as colored 
areas as they are in UI-View  (Red)...if this is so how would one go 
about making a .xbm for Thunderstorms.....have tried to change the file 
name of the Tonado one to see if it worked ...nix...
how  does the .shp file pick up which warning and what it is from

73 David VK4BDJ

Andrew Errington wrote:
> I did a quick experiment.
> I have made my own .dbfawk files for the map data from here:
> http://mapcenter2.cgpsmapper.com/mapsetview.php?id=185
> (You can get maps of Oz too, but for any of these files you have to run
> cgpsmapper first to convert to shapefiles).
> I used QGIS to examine the list of fields, and entered that list as the
> dbfinfo line in the .dbfawk file.  Unfortunately I couldn't get XASTIR to
> recognise my .dbfawk, so I moved the .dbfawk file to the maps directory
> (to the same directory as the shapefiles) and gave it the same name as the
> shapefile.  It worked.
> Today's quick experiment was to move the files *back* to the /config
> directory and try and get them to work.  When I did that XASTIR reported
> its "No DBFAWK signature for..." error, but then I selected Map|Index:
> Reindex all maps, and viola!  The .dbfawk files were found and used.
> The second thing I did was to edit the dbfinfo line and change all the
> field names to uppercase (I already had them as lowercase).  This did not
> seem to make a difference, which implies that the dbfinfo line in .dbfawk
> files is case-insensitive.  I would like to verify this with the source
> (or by asking someone who knows for sure).
> It might also be useful to point out that you can tweak the .dbfawk files
> while XASTIR is running.  XASTIR reads them every time it re-draws the
> map, so your changes are visible without having to quit and restart
> Hope this is useful.
> 73,
> Andrew
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