[OZAPRS] Message Traffic and WX Alerts in Xastir

Andrew Errington a.errington at lancaster.ac.uk
Sun Nov 23 09:23:52 EST 2008

I did a quick experiment.

I have made my own .dbfawk files for the map data from here:


(You can get maps of Oz too, but for any of these files you have to run
cgpsmapper first to convert to shapefiles).

I used QGIS to examine the list of fields, and entered that list as the
dbfinfo line in the .dbfawk file.  Unfortunately I couldn't get XASTIR to
recognise my .dbfawk, so I moved the .dbfawk file to the maps directory
(to the same directory as the shapefiles) and gave it the same name as the
shapefile.  It worked.

Today's quick experiment was to move the files *back* to the /config
directory and try and get them to work.  When I did that XASTIR reported
its "No DBFAWK signature for..." error, but then I selected Map|Index:
Reindex all maps, and viola!  The .dbfawk files were found and used.

The second thing I did was to edit the dbfinfo line and change all the
field names to uppercase (I already had them as lowercase).  This did not
seem to make a difference, which implies that the dbfinfo line in .dbfawk
files is case-insensitive.  I would like to verify this with the source
(or by asking someone who knows for sure).

It might also be useful to point out that you can tweak the .dbfawk files
while XASTIR is running.  XASTIR reads them every time it re-draws the
map, so your changes are visible without having to quit and restart

Hope this is useful.



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