[OZAPRS] Update to filter settings for WXSVR usage

Geoff geoff at gatwards.org
Thu Nov 20 15:03:04 EST 2008



Found a strange issue on the APRS-IS filtering of the WXSVR-AU data that
prevents some data from being received.

The problem has been overcome by updating the filter definitions on all
ports on first and second.aprs.net.au to include e/WXSVR-AU


This string allows all messages originated by that system to pass on the
port - with the added advantage of NOT allowing the US weather reports from
WXSVR through (it only allows the -AU SSID)


If you are using a custom filter on port 14580, if you want to reliably
receive the weather messages you will need to include  e/WXSVR-AU  in your






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