[OZAPRS] New APRS Weather Warning service for Australia

Richard Murnane Richard.Murnane at internode.on.net
Wed Nov 19 21:53:18 EST 2008

On 17/11/2008, at 8:34 PM, Geoff wrote:

> As some of you may be aware, we have been working on a project in the
> background to establish an APRS Weather Server to disseminate warning
> information via APRS, in a similar method and format to the NWS  
> messages in
> the USA.

Very interesting Geoff!

About two years ago, Peter VK3BTN, Richard VK3JFK, and I discussed  
doing something similar for fire service reports, snarfing reports off  
the fire service web sites and converting them to APRS objects. I  
tried to get it running in a web browser (using Javascript) but ran  
into a number of problems, not least of which was browser security  
restrictions related to cross-site scripting, so from my end at least  
things floundered.

I did however come up with a fairly decent acronym for the project -  
CICADA (Critical Incident Collator And Disseminator for APRS), and it  
would be a shame to see this go to waste :-) So I'd be interested in  
any technical details you'd care to release regarding WXSVR-AU, to  
perhaps get CICADA "chirping" again...

73 Richard VK2SKY
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