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Hi Ron, Norm, Et.Al.
Good point. For the digi, I'll have to use one of my Yaseu HHs which I
can turn this feature off. (this feature has always annoyed me being
unable to be disabled on basically all UHF CB HHs)
For the TX HHs do the cheap ones need a longer TX Delay for their TX to
stabilise? Do they all send good data? How do HHs perform as their
battery dies? Am I better off using a 12V SLA through a regulator so
they have a constant voltage?


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G'day Jim,
I'm playing with a quansheng HH at the moment. Its OK for transmit only
tracker, but no good if you want to receive and decode packets.

The rx has a sleep function which can't be disabled! It cuts the first
bit of received packets. One way around it is to have a looooong tx
delay on all tnc/trackers and transmit nulls. It will have to be about

BTW, I'd be more than happy to be proved wrong here re disabling the
sleep function


> Hi All,
> Someone posted a config for UIDIGI for a fillin repeater some time 
> back, Anyone still have a copy? I'm running a scout camp with four 
> teams on foot which I want to track. It's a hilly area, so I want to 
> put a digi on a high area of the property. I won't be using the APRS 
> frequency, and I'll be receiving the info via RF at the base. (no 
> gating to another repeater or the net.) What would be the correct 
> UIDIGI setup for this use? I assume the trackers would only need 1-1 
> configured, but as there won't be any other digis on the frequency, I 
> assume I can just leave them at their current settings.
> Second question,
> I'm short handhelds for the event, I'd like to pick up some cheap HH.
> Are there any standouts in the Chinese offerings? Would need a 
> handheld for the digi (MFJ-1270), and handhelds for trackers 
> (opentrackers & some
> opentracker+).
> Thanks,
> Jim
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