[OZAPRS] Foundation Calls reminder

Tony King vk3api at people.net.au
Mon Jun 23 19:29:41 EST 2008

Gio wrote:

> Don't filter calls starting with F!  I have been a Full call (or 
> advanced as it is now known) for 27 years, and am certainly not an F 
> call.  But my call is VK2FJP.  Many more calls starting with F would 
> be very upset if we were filtered out.
> Cheers, Gio.

Hi Gio and the group.
  I had similar problems with being abused for being an F call for 
operating on bands and modes "F" calls were not allowed.  Got so bad I 
had to change my "three letter full call .. VK3FBD" to VK3API. The ACMA 
was most helpful when I snivelled and whinged to them about it and it 
cost me nothing.  

Like Gio I have held a full call for  a long time, in fact over 30 
years.  For the last 15 years  or so I have been VK2FBD and then 
VK3FBD.  It was damned annoying to have to change because of the 
harassing from people who should have known better or at least known the 
difference between 4 and 3 letter F calls.

So take care on what you filter
        Regards Tony, currently VK3API........  ex VK3FBD, VK2FBD, 
VK3IO, VK3ZUA ........ oh dear....no wonder I get confused

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