[OZAPRS] Lite Notebook/PC systems

Matt Howard MHoward at acaciapark.com.au
Thu Jul 17 12:18:50 EST 2008

FYI - JetStar created a standalone aiport terminal passenger processing system using a notebook and tiket/bagage tag printer for use at airports where they had few facilities (read this is as the fees for using the "shared" shystems was too high).
The notebook runs a very highly customised cut down version of XP and the appliocations all running from a flash ram card (connected to the IDE drive port using a flash-ide converter).
The systems are standalone - not connected to anything except themselves using a portable 4 or 8 port hub and the printers using USB ports on the laptops.
I have created a test system like this using XP (its amazing how much you can delete from the windows directories and still keep it running)and also various small linux distro's - you can even get vmware server (which is free) to run a couple of virtual machines.
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