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>Ultimately we'd like to get BoM involved to provide a fixed-format data
>stream - but before we think about approaching them we'd like to run
>local tests to see if the concept is feasible.

What data do you want?  Hamtrack has been doing hourly summaries of
every aprs weather station in .au since the end of '99 with the
following info per station per hour:

 start_time    | bigint  | not null
 sourceid      | integer | not null
 wind_dir      | integer |
 wind_speed    | integer |
 wind_gust     | integer |
 temp_min      | integer |
 temp_avg      | integer |
 temp_max      | integer |
 rain_hour     | integer |
 rain_midnight | integer |
 humid_min     | integer |
 humid_avg     | integer |
 humid_max     | integer |
 baro_min      | integer |
 baro_avg      | integer |
 baro_max      | integer |

Currently 1.5m samples, although granted there's actually not that many
weather stations running at the moment, compared to a couple of years
ago...  (http://hamtrack.pinegap.net/weather/)



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