[OZAPRS] VX-7r & OpenTracker +

Dave Ingram bulk at ingramtech.com
Sun Feb 10 20:09:12 EST 2008

Paul wrote:
> G'day
> being a bit of a new boy to the whole APRS thing, I wonder if I could
pick a few peoples brains with a few questions. I want to setup a
portable/mobile APRS station, mainly for the car, using a Yaesu VX-7R, but
the manual for the radio doesn't show the pinouts for the 4-pin plug. Also
I've been looking at both the TinyTracker 3-4 and the OpenTracker +.
> So the qu's I have are;
> - does anyone know what the pinouts are for the Yaesu VX-7R.

 From the pointy end: speaker,  clone/data (for programming), mic/PTT,
The pinout is the same as the VX5, but just got the threads.

Argent Data (the Opentracker people) sell leads that suit the VX7
Only US$6 plus a bit of freight, all quite reasonable.

> - are there any differences, preferences, strengths or weaknesses with
either the TinyTracker or OpenTracker for mobile/portable operations.

I use my OT in both situations.

> - is it possible to power the TT3-4 or OT+ from the radio or is an
external power source required.

Ext. power needed. When mobile I use a cigarette lighter power lead, and
portable I use 4xAA batteries.

> - the vx-7 manual states that the input voltage required for the radio
from the TNC needs to be 5mV at 2k Ohms, does anyone know if either the
TinyTracker or the OpenTracker are adjustable / capable of this.

The output on the OT1+ has a jumper to attenuate the signal for a mic
input if 
needed, and the output level is tunable through the config software. If
a radio with combined PTT/MIC there is another jumper to enable this.

> - or would I be better off just buying a Kenwood D7G hand held.

That's an expensive, but portable option. Another option is to buy a cheap
handheld from a Chinese manufactuer that uses standard Kenwood
connections. I 
bought a Puxing PX-777 and it works a treat and gives a solid 5W output
its lithium ion batteries. Email me off list if you'd like a suggestion
to get them (rather than be seen as advertising here).

> I was planning to use a GlobalSat BU-303 GPS mouse as the GPS receiver.

Argent now have SirfStar III GPS cabled for the OT 1+. US$53, which is
cheap for a sensitive receiver. It is designed for the OT, so a nice

I use the Deluo SirfStar III, after chopping the plug off and putting on a
to suite the OT1+. They're more expensive though at US$65.

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