[OZAPRS] TinyTrak4 release due early February!

Dave Walmsley dave at hunterlink.net.au
Mon Feb 4 19:35:52 EST 2008


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> When will this discussion about Tiny Track 4 end?
> I was a tester of the product in its early stages and found it not on a 
> par with open tracker APRS kits.
So, I've now looked at the Open Tracker WWW site..

>    By far the most cost effective module thus far has been the Fox Delta

> kits from India, however not of the same quality and lacking many of the

> features found in the tiny tracker and open tracker designs.,
And the Foxtrak...

I like that the Fox has a Linux configuration program.. does it work for
TT or OT? Why I ask is that I'm strongly thinking about the EEEpc. At the 
Fox price, I'll probably buy one to 'play' with.


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