[OZAPRS] How do I go mobile on HF APRS ?

Gordon Taylor gordon.t at internode.on.net
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Hi Ron,
	I and a few others use the Tiny Traks, I use a TT3 connected to an
old Barrett SB220 and a Terlin outbacker antenna.  Others use the Icom 706
or similar or Yaesu FT-100D/857D series of radios.

Don't know who actually uses a TNC for mobile HF APRS.

Gordo VK4VP

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Hi everyone.

Please forgive me as I am about to ask a question on a  somewhat already
covered subject but I am just being lazy here.

I want to get in to HF APRS but I am unsure of just what I need in the way
of a TNC, antenna etc.

I already run APRS with the TMD-700 in the car so I have had "some" exposure
to the mode but I don't know personally, anyone who is in to HF so I just
haven't seen it in action.

My car is a small Japanese hatch so a "biggish" antenna is out of the
question, the car would just tip over. I do have a High Sierra "screwdriver"
type antenna, great for mobile work,  just not on this particular car.

My HF mobile radio is a choice of the Yaesu FT-817 ND or the Icom IC-7000,
depends on what mood I am in on the day as to which one I take with me, 5
watts on 40 Mtrs is a bit of a challenge, but not impossible and I have had
some good contacts with this radio.

Is there somewhere here in Aus where I might be able to buy the TNC ?
I wrote to Byon Garrabant of Byonics and he was pretty helpful in telling me
about his Tiny Trak 4 and cables he makes for different radios, is this a
good way to go for HF APRS or is there something better, I am not an overly
big fellow and my personal motto is " small toys for small boys " hence the
small car, small radios and the reason I want a smallish type TNC in the

Anyway, please forgive me for being lazy but I hope some of you out there
might be able to give a guy a start.
Many thanks for any replies.

de Ron
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