[OZAPRS] HF APRS upsets the car's climate control

Tony King vk3api at people.net.au
Wed Dec 17 09:05:47 EST 2008

Hi Tim and others,
I have a similar and more serious problem with 2m getting into the 
cruise control in my Jackeroo 2000 model diesel.

If the cruise control is activated and I am talking on 2m none of the 
normal options will deactivate the cruise control until I let go of the 
ptt on the tx. First time it happened I nearly ran into the car in front 
of me because I couldn't disengage the cruise control to pull up. 
Similarly to Tim, my antenna is on the bull bar.

By the way if any one saw vk3ekg-9 behaving strangely  over the last 
couple of days it was me, unfortunately. I was testing out some gear on 
the bench running into a dummy load. I had an old garmin 72 in 
simulation mode providing signals into the tnc and computer, but I 
didn't realise that with the lid off the Tx there was just enough signal 
getting out to get into the local repeater.  You may have noticed 
VK3EKG-9 travelling at up to 1800 km/h at 140 feet altitude in all sorts 
of random directions . Sorry if any one was upset or confused.....

I have implemented the shapes function in UIview 32 and it works ok. I 
just followed the instructions in the UIview help file and those 
provided on the link that Ray VK2TV provided
Regards Tony VK3API


Tim Ahpee wrote:
> G'day Folks,
> I've just got HF APRS running in preparation for my trip at the end of the
> year and have come across an interesting one. Each time the rig transmits the
> fan in the climate control goes to full power. Nothing else seems to be
> affected just the fan. It was a bit of a shock the first time it happened. I
> was driving along and heard the TX relays go click then I was blasted in the
> face with air. 
> Details:
> Rig: Icom IC-7000
> Car: Toyota Prado 2008 Diesel
> Antenna: Diamond HF30FX mounted on the bull bar
> Any thoughts? I'm wondering if the RF is getting straight into the motor
> controller for the fan because if the fan is off nothing happens.
> Cheers,
> Tim
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