[OZAPRS] [Fwd: [aprssig] ARISS and PCSAT status]

Carl Makin carl at stagecraft.cx
Fri Dec 12 21:04:39 EST 2008

Evening All,

 From Bob  WB4APR

> Either we do not have enough Igates on 145.825 1200 baud, or it

I've just moved my backup igate from 145.175 to 145.825.  There  
should be a PCSat pass right over the middle of Australia passing  
almost directly overhead of Adelaide around 21:50 AEDT tonight.  It  
only gets to 35 deg here but it still might work (even though it's  
pouring rain outside at the moment).

I have no idea if the bird is active or not, I guess we'll see!


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