[OZAPRS] VK4JWG-15 on 10.147, 6 USB in HF-APRS in Western Australia.

Mike Zwingl oe3mzc oe3mzc at oevsv.at
Wed Dec 3 20:58:46 EST 2008

please track VK4JWG-15 on 10.147,6 USB in HF-APRS in Western Australia.
He uses Gateways as VK6UZ-4 and VK8AB-4 (ZAB) as well as VK2TV-4, VK4UN-4 
VK6ABA-4 to name a few. Coverage in the outback seems quite good!

Please note that the Hf-Gates VK6UZ-4 and VK8AB-4 are using a modern
DSP-TNC from  SCS, offering a smart AFC-function to
simultaneously receive packets in a frequency range plus/minus 400Hz
around the spectrum of 10.149,4 and 10.149,2kHz.

vy 73 de Mike, oe3mzc/vk3fpf

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